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This Hacker news comment nails it.

The first 10 years of the internet were volunteers creating for other volunteers. The next 10 was volunteers for 'users'. The last 10, for corporations.

The commons built in the 90s was turned into a playground in the 2000s and is now a oil well being mined by megacorps.

What, I hope, interest rates are doing is shifting the balance of power to its natural point: the commons is owned by the volunteers. Megacorp's ability to profit from this was a disguise created by free money.

With any luck twitter/reddit/facebook/et al. will disappear in favour of their "corresponding wikipedias" --- which is the model, I think, all the "platform creators" thought they were participating in.

There needs to be new alliances between volunteer-platform-creators and volunteer-content-creators

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